Sunday, March 22, 2009

You Look Wonderful Tonight

The Teacher looked AMAZING. She designed her own dress and it was stunning. Her hair and makeup were flawless as well. She and Croc looked so happy last night and it was very special to get to share that time with them.

The night started out pretty drama filled. S was in charge of picking up the bridesmaids and taking them to the wedding venue. He has a classic car and so do Croc and the Soccer Player so those were to be the wedding cars. I got picked up by LC and Bob Marley. Our car drove and drove for forever following the Tom Tom’s directions. With 20 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start the Tom Tom said we had reached our destination: A dirt road and an old rickety fence. We were lost! We were so far out that none of us had any cell reception. I finally got one bar on my phone and called S and said we’re lost can you help us. He said, “Sorry, my wheel has fallen off my car, I can’t, I gotta go!” I let everyone in our car know and we laughed and felt really bad for S, but it did give us hope that we could maybe still find the venue in time. We came back out of nowhere, it took us nearly an hour, and Bob Marley was driving so fast and the road was pretty windy and I started to feel car sick. Bob Marley and LC were stressed and fighting the whole time back to the real venue. We finally pulled up to the place and saw the Teacher with her Dad and her classic car at the top of the venue’s driveway waiting for the bridesmaids and for S. They finally showed up and the wedding could begin. Croc and the Teacher both had the biggest smiles on their faces as she walked down the aisle towards him. Their vows were fairly simple and really nice. S said he would have similar vows when he got married. I had a big goofy grin on my face the whole time and tears in my eyes because I was so happy for them and was thinking about how great it would be to be the Teacher at that moment.

Poor S, all night long everyone teased him about his car. He felt so bad, not embarrassed by it, but just disappointed that he had let his good friends down. They weren’t mad about it; they were actually really nice about it and didn’t make it seem like it was a big deal. Every speech through the night had to mention the incident. It got a little bit old, but S expected it and knows he’ll be hearing about it for the rest of his life.

I didn’t drink; I’ve just been over drinking for the last 6 months. I was probably a little boring, but oh well. I had a fun night just hanging out with our friends and being bitchy, as always, with the Runner, LC, and Tinkerbell. They had 2 musicians who were playing and people danced about. I’m not a dancer so I told S to ask the Hairdresser, since her husband was in the wedding and she was solo most of the night, or to ask LC or the Runner since their boyfriends don’t really dance, but he wasn’t in the mood to dance either.

The Smooth Talker was in fine form last night. This older waitress had the hots for him and he used it to his full advantage. She came over and called him a handful when he was teasing me and S and throwing potatoes on our plates, but he had her eating out of his hands the whole night. He wanted an extra dessert so he asked her and he was the only guest the whole night who got an extra piece brought out from the kitchen. Lots of the other boys wanted second pieces but they had to suck it up or steal it from someone else’s seat. The waitress hovered over Smooth Talker’s table the whole night and the Runner just laughed about it. At the end of the night Smooth Talker went in to the kitchen of the banquet hall, even though the sign clearly said “No Admittance” to find the waitress. He got her to come out and take a few pics with him and then with him and the Runner. He even asked her for a kiss before he left (just jokingly though) and she laughed and shot him down.

S didn’t realize how drunk he was last night and now he’s totally feeling it! I always get like sympathy queasiness and headaches with him; it totally stinks. We are sitting on the couch watching crappy Sunday daytime TV and contemplating going to get some food because I have nothing in my cupboards or fridge right now.

Anyway, Croc and the Teacher know how to put on a good party and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Dundee!

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