Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Road Trippin'

We were back home for a day before S and I hit the road again. This time I wanted to take S on a drive through Big Sur and down to San Simeon/Cambria. I remember going there as a child a few times and loving it. The drive along the highway took way longer than I thought cause we were stopping like every mile to take a picture of the gorgeous views, plus we left way later than we thought we were going to, so we didn’t get in to town until dark. We hit up this really cool family restaurant for dinner and then S had never been to a proper diner and he wanted a cup of coffee so we found a place and we sat at the counter and he had coffee and a piece of pie just like you always see them do in the old movies. Then we went back and had a view drinks at the bar next to our hotel. S has been getting in to Scotch lately so he wanted to try some new mixers with them. We went to Hearst Castle the next day. I had been before, I thought it was gaudy, but S really enjoyed it so that was worth it. We then went and saw the elephant seals and their babies at a nearby beach. There were also some stellar or harbor seals on the beach, too. It was pretty gross because an elephant seal had died on the beach and as we were standing there all these turkey vultures flew in and started pecking at it. S and I then drove home and got in a big fight about our future, yay! Let me tell you: tear filled eyes and windy roads do not mix!

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