Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Folsom Prison Blues

The next morning we headed back in to downtown San Francisco and caught a boat over to Alcatraz. Only Nae had been before. It’s a pretty cool place and the audio tour was really interesting. The views back to the city were awesome. I had never done it before cause I thought it was pretty touristy, but it is so worth it to go at least once. We then walked down to Boudin’s for lunch (I love sourdough bread, I crave it here, can’t find it anywhere, and they are the best makers in the world). We were gluttons and we kept walking all the way down to Ghiradelli’s. Nae and I shared a sundae, and everyone else scarfed down their own (google ghiradelli for images of these things, they are massive). We then had a really long walk back to the car and headed home. We dropped Nae at her place and went back to ours.
It was there that Mom and Dad sprung their attack: What were we doing with ourselves? Were we moving in together? Why don’t we get married? What does the future hold?
S was so uncomfortable, his parents never ask about stuff and would never call him out. It was kind of embarrassing at the time, but stuff I think S needed to hear. They really like him; they want us to be together if that’s what makes us happy. So here S is getting it both from me and my parents, sounds like a fun trip for a guy right?? Oh well, four years of dating and we’re both 25 now, well he’ll be 26 soon, and people start talking and wondering. It happened, I wouldn’t change it, though I’m sorry he was upset by it and so are my parents. They didn’t like having to say what they did, but they also want to protect me from getting hurt and also thought it was time for some action on his part. They know S’s heart is in the right place, they just also want to make sure my needs are being met.
A few days later Mom and I took S to the airport. We jumped around and I sang to him and called out things and were generally embarrassing to him as he went through security, but it also lightened the mood of him leaving and was fun. Even Mom was being and idiot with me and it made us laugh so hard.

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