Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hold On For Your Dearest Life

We got the call from S that he was outside of the hotel parking. I was pretty buzzed by then. I remember going downstairs and being so F*ing nervous. He remembers me seeming pretty bitchy, but then I months later told him I was drunk, and he just laughed. I think he also remembers not liking what I was wearing, though I could be making that up? I totally remember what he was wearing….A black and red surf/skate shirt that looked like an Iron Maiden Band shirt and jeans. His car was about the shittiest car I had ever seen and certainly one of the shittiest I had ever ridden in (sorry Babe! You gotta remember I’m an Orange Country Bitch, though) and Bun and I were just like “Oh My God!” We then went to a liquor store, attached to a grocery store, because here they don’t sell alcohol in the actual store for some reason and I bought my first bit of alcohol legally (I was about 3 weeks off my 21st birthday at this point). We went back to his friends’ house and hung out til like 2am, or on our body clocks, 7am California time. S and his friend, the Redhead, drove us back to our hotel, but first they took us down for our first look at the beach. It was beautiful, like Hawaii. The sand was so fine that it made a squishing noise as you walked over it, it still makes me laugh to this day when it does it. I think S held my hand in the car and he gave me a quick peck after we left the beach. The meeting had gone well and we seemed to be getting along in real life, just as we had online. It seemed like Bun and I were going to have a very fun time for the 4 months we were going to be in Australia!

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