Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

I wonder how many blogs out there have that as a title to a post? I called home for my REAL birthday, according to Californian time. I was still waiting on the package from my family to arrive and hoped I would get it that night. It did come that day and S brought it over that night. I jumped to rip it open. First thing I saw was a note from Quarantine saying that they had checked the box. Ok, no worries, they normally do that. Next, I saw two bits of tissue paper with nothing in them. One said to Lil D from Mom and the other said to Lil D from Dad. The tea that they had sent at my request had been confiscated. At that point I was bummed and crying, just disappointed that the stuff hadn’t made it through and that Mom and Dad had spent all that money to buy and send the stuff and I didn’t even get it. Next, I opened the gifts from Nae. She had sent me really cute bras from Target, unfortunately they were one size too small, even though I had sent her an email giving her my size. Now I was really crying. S was so upset watching me cry. He felt bad that a happy event had gone so wrong. I emailed my Mom and she felt so bad too, I didn’t want her to, I just felt bad about her sending stuff and it not making it. I don’t care about the stuff, it’s just stuff, but I care about the time and effort it took for my family to get and send the stuff and it not work out. I emailed the tea placed cause it said online that they send that tea themselves here to Australia. They were super nice (Go Peet’s Coffee and Tea!!) and sent me two packs of Ice Tea for free. I’ve got it cooling in the fridge now. I sent back the bras to my family, along with a few little surprised for them, and hopefully Nae will send me back the right sized bras and some Girl Scout Cookies.

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