Saturday, March 14, 2009

School of Hard Knocks

About 4 days after my parents left, I started my 2nd practice teaching job. It was at a rough school. The type of school where when people asked you were you were going and you told them their response was, “Ohhhhh” Again, I was nervous. I ended up with a pretty cool classroom teacher and a pretty cool supervisor. My time flew by there and I learned more there than during my first round of teaching. I started to become comfortable being in front of the class. The kids were difficult at times but I still had a lot of fun. My last day was probably the funniest/roughest day there. We had been playing t-ball for the last 3 Fridays and the classroom teacher thought I could handle it on my own for that session so he went inside. The game was going well when one of the “bad boys” wanted to have another turn batting. Not everyone on his team had gotten a first bat so I said he’d have to wait. He threw the bat down, I told him to sit down, he then said, “Get Fucked, Miss,” I asked him to repeat himself and ballsy kid that he was, he said it again. Someone got the classroom teacher and he removed the kid. The game was back to going smoothly. Then we were nearly out of time so I said anyone who hasn’t had a second bat come in to bat and everyone else go out in the field. Kids rushed to be the first to bat, a girl and a boy got the bat at the same time. They argued over who would bat first. The little boy hit the little kids with the metal bat. She fell down crying. He went running, another boy went running after him, and knocked him over. It was an awesome day. The boy who told me to get f*d’s Mom came in later and called the cops on us saying we were picking on her kid, I had to fill out an incident report. I think it’s safe to say I left a good impression on that school and they’d have me back anytime :)

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