Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Sorry, I'm Leaving

My time in California quickly ran down, even though I stayed 3 weeks past what I had originally planned to. Mom and Dad bought me heaps of new clothes and supplies I always need for over here (tampons with an applicator, anyone?) and sent me off with my college graduation present of savings bonds, which I am currently living on. Before I left, I got to hang out with Dad and treasure hunt more, something he, S, and I had started doing nearly daily after New Years. I also got to go with Mom to the Gilroy Outlets (again, they are fabulous, I went 3 times in 3 months, got a dress that was originally $138 for $18 at Ann Taylor’s) to get new, fabulous work clothes. She is so skinny and little that she looks good in just about anything. We got her cute shoes and a totally styling purse, too. We went out that same night with Dad and Nae to celebrate Mom’s new consulting job and my graduation. Nae didn’t know we were celebrating my graduation and proceeded to bag me out about the second rate university I attended, yay!
Mom took me to the airport, there wasn’t really room in the car for Dad and it’s not really his thing, good byes and crying and all that. My bags just barely made the weight limit. I had 3 carry-ons though. Mom and I stood and hugged and cried for ages. We both agreed that it felt different this time, more final, because now I wasn’t going back for school, now I was going back to live and it could be permanent if S and I decided to get married and I didn’t come home after my work and travel year-long visa had run out. We finally let go and I tried to get through security but the lady was a Bitch and said no. So I stuffed everything in to two bags, plus carried a bunch of books and my computer in my arms, she said no again. We ran to a souvenir shop and got me a new carryon back that was bigger and I layered clothes on. I finally made it through and sweated all the way to my gate. I got lucky on the flight and got the bulk head with an empty seat between me and a very chatty born-again Christian. I thought I was going to die if I had to hear about “my own personal Jesus” anymore or relationship advice so I took a bunch of sleeping pills, put on my eye mask and passed out.

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  1. i promise when i have more time in my life i'm going to read through your blog! don't think i'm ignoring you or anything :)


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