Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

The family all piled in the car and headed up to San Francisco for the night. It was so clear out that you could see the Farallon Islands (, which I got really interested in after reading the book The Devil’s Teeth ( and Nae had been interested in because of her love of Great White Sharks. We didn’t really have a plan for that afternoon, I mean I had a general itinerary of what I wanted to get done, of course, but we were just driving. We ended up spending the afternoon at the new science museum ( It was a super cool place, I got overwhelmed by all the people there, but they had so much cool stuff. They have a living garden on the roof, an indoor rainforest, penguins, an Africa/Madagascar/Evolution Exhibit, an aquarium and lots of other things that we had to skip this trip. We then took Dad out for another birthday dinner, this time out to Thai/Malay food. We got to our hotel, Embassy Suites, and we were on the very top floor. It was one of those places with the middle all opened so you could look down and see reception, and the restaurant, and a koi pond. It made me queasy but S loved looking down and freaking me out by getting too close to the railing. Nae wasn’t feeling good so S and I went down by ourselves for a drink and dessert. We went back up to the room afterwards where we watched lots of Law and Order and Nae made me scratch her back for an hour straight and then still bitched that it wasn't long enough! S then wanted to go for a swim so I went down to watch him. We went to bed when we got back to the room and I was nearly asleep when I heard him calling me. He had just gotten a text from D saying D had crashed their pick up truck. Luckily he was ok!

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