Monday, March 23, 2009

Graceful Like a Deer

Yesterday I ran in to my bathtub and heard a big pop in my toes. The two closest to my pinky toe are now killing me. How do I know if they are broken? S calls me “Graceful like a deer” or “like a pro” when I do stuff like this because one time we went on a day trip up the coast and we had to dart through traffic to cross the road, I laughed and skipped across the road and said, “Look at me, I’m graceful like a deer” The words weren’t even all out of my mouth before I ran into a low brick wall next to the road. The “like a pro” comes from when he, Bun and I were drinking in my dorm room one night and I said I could chug vodka and then take a sip from a juice bottle and mix the drinks in my mouth “like a pro.” I took too big of a gulp of vodka then was still determined to sip some juice down and ended up throwing it up on my bed and near S! Like a pro indeed…

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