Monday, March 16, 2009

Do You Know What I Love the Most

S came in to town, to San Francisco this time.  We saw each other and awkwardly stepped on each other’s feet as we hugged and kissed hello.  It’s been a tradition since that first year when I did it on accident.  Mom and I had seen a million deer on the drive to the airport, but of course, there were none on the drive back when S would’ve been stoked to see them all. I think S was even more impressed by the house than I had been and he felt like a king living it up in that pool house.  We joked he should bring some Speedos and be our pool boy and clean out our pool wearing those Speedos, even if it was the middle of winter.  We saw the owls the first night S was over and we went out to dinner with Nae to one of our old favorites, Saturn Café.  We went to the Gilroy outlet malls (p.s. Awesome) and he spent lots of money on getting clothes for himself.  We had a nice Christmas at the new house, Nae even spent the night with us.  The day after Christmas (Boxing Day for the Aussies) Mom, Dad, S, and I drove to the Napa Valley.  We did wine tasting at a place then hung out at the hotel.  S and I went in the spa before dinner.  We dropped Mom and Dad off at a fancy place to have dinner with their friends from way back in the day, and S wanted to go with them to try the restaurant, but I thought it’d be best to let Mom and Dad hang out with their friends.  I didn’t know it but S was pretty bummed about it so I wish we would’ve just gone with.  Mom and Dad’s friends were stoked to see us after dinner back at the hotel and said they wished we would’ve joined them, so doh!  S and I went to a Japanese food place in town and it was a really great dinner anyway. 

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