Saturday, March 28, 2009

All You Need is Love

I’ve mentioned the Red Head earlier, but I’ll talk about him some more since he is one of S’s good friends from school up at Newcastle. The Red Head is a nice guy, but I had a real problem with him at first. A) He was always around when S and I were first dating, like he would just show up sometimes at my dorm when S was there. I finally had to tell S I had signed up to date him, not him and the Red Head and B) The Red Head lived with this other guy, Scrawny Body Builder, and SBB was kindof a jerk, but that was just his personality and you could laugh when he called you a slut or made fun of you cause he was just dumb and could get away with it. The Red Head tried to copy SBB’s moves and would call me slut all the time, even to Nae the first and only time he met her, and bitch and all this other stuff. I hated it and it didn’t make it fun to be around him. S just laughed it off cause he knew Red Head was just trying to copy SBB’s moves and wasn’t serious. Finally I told S it was unacceptable behavior on Red Head’s part and unacceptable that he would allow anyone to call his girlfriend a slut or a bitch and S could see where I was coming from. So S had a chat to the Red Head and he hasn’t called me slut or bitch since then and I’ve liked him a lot more because he really is a nice guy who just wants to be liked. Red Head also stopped hanging around us as much so S and I had time to get to know each other one on one.

Like I said, the Red Head is a nice guy, but he has no luck with the ladies. At first he was in love with Bun, thinking it would be perfect- the two guy best friends dating the two girl best friends, but Bun really liked SBB’s best friend, Gangles, and she started dating him and it made it even more awkward for the Red Head when Gangles moved in with him and SBB and Bun was over all the time. He also has a tendency to fall in lust with girls who have boyfriends.
I had him over to my place while I was on Internship and I had invited a girl that was on Internship at the same school over for dinner that night, as well. They were chatty and seemed to get along and the next weekend they went out on a date. She ended up not being interested, but only because, even though he was interested in her, he made the date seem buddy-buddy. Like he didn’t pick her up from her house, didn’t try to hold her hand at the movies, he Did buy her dinner at least, but then at the end of the date he didn’t try and kiss her or anything, I don’t think he hugged her either, there was just no physical contact, except for when he jokingly pushed her. At our age, pushing someone as a flirting move does not register well.

Just last weekend he went out on a date with another friend’s friend, whom he had met a few times before. He said the dinner went well, it last 3 hours, he kissed her or she kissed him on the cheek at the end of the night, and she texted him afterwards to say she had had a fun time. He then gives her a follow up call to set up another date and she said she wasn’t interested. What had changed? It seems pretty sketchy and random to me. What kind of girl bothers to text that she had a good time if she wasn’t in to the guy and picks up his call when he calls next, that’s what the ignore button on cellphones was invented for!

So here’s my open invitation to any single girls in Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley, and Newcastle. If you want a guy who drives a nice car, who doesn’t live with Mom and Dad, who has a decent and steady job, and who will treat you like a motherfucking princess, then please contact me so I can set you up with the Red Head. No offense if he’s reading this, but he’s not Brad Pitt, and no one is, other than Brad Pitt. He is a reasonably attractive guy; he’s not overweight, he dresses well, he has met my friend Mr. Deodorant and all that. He is just a normal guy. So ladies, let’s make this happen!

Nae is single and out of school and now that I’m out of school I often wonder, if S and I weren’t dating, where would I find someone? Nae, Red Head and I aren’t the club scene kind of people and I just think about how difficult it would be to find someone now that I’m not in the mix with 1000s of other people my age everyday at school. Luckily, Nae is happy being single for now and has little crushes on people at work and stuff and the Red Head has me to sell his goods on here.

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