Sunday, March 22, 2009

Drunk Kid Catholic

A few weeks back, the Teacher had her bachelorette party (also called a hen’s night here). We went to the races. The title for the post is cause she’s a good Catholic girl and she got very very drunk! I hope she had fun, I had more fun than I was expecting to have because I had never been to the horse races before. We got her to do silly stuff-take funny pictures with different boys and get a lap dance. No one really won any money. From our group it was LC, Tinkerbell, and the Runner. We just had a good time hanging out and talking between races.
I spent the night at LC’s, all the boys were out camping for Croc’s bachelor (or buck’s) party. The next day was my 25th birthday. Time for a quarter life crisis! I woke up early, not feeling well, like I had a hangover but I knew it wasn’t one as I had only had like 4 drinks over the course of the whole day. LC woke up right before S came to pick me up. He got special permission from Croc to bow out a little bit early to spend the day with me. Unfortunately, we had a lot of boring errands to run for most of it. I ended up baking myself a cake while S slept off the weekend. He took me out to our favorite Italian food place and then he came back and set up my wireless internet and tried to fix my TV. He got me a funny book- funny because it’s called Homework for GrownUps, and it’s like everything you learned at school but forgot and I am constantly asking S dumb questions that he thinks I should know the answer to as an adult and as a teacher of young children. I am also maybe getting a beach cruiser bike from him after his next pay check so we can go for beach and lake rides.

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