Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Plain Morning

Two days before I was supposed to go home, I stepped on a bee or a wasp while playing with a puppy in S’s backyard. It hurt, but I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal. The next day I had to take all my luggage and catch a train to Sydney. The foot was killing me; I could barely put any pressure on it and it had swollen up so much and was an angry looking red/purple. S took a half day at work, met me at our hotel, and we went and grabbed lunch.
The Hungry Jacks (Burger King in the U.S.) we went to is attached to the biggest movie theater in Sydney and it’s where they do all their movie premieres. There were tons of people lined up waiting for movie stars, even though they wouldn’t be there for hours. We wondered who they were waiting for, until we saw the signs: Zac I love you! Go WildCats! We had just stumbled upon a preteen gay boy’s wetdream: The High School Musical 3 Premiere. When we got back from lunch and were in our room, we could look down to the theater entrance. We think we saw a tiny Zac (whom by the way S and I call Vas Deferens because it makes me laugh and sounds similar, look it up) and Baby V waving to the camera.
I couldn’t even get my high heel on for dinner so I wore thongs to Malaya and we took a cab cause I was straight up hobbling at this point. Our hotel room was a studio apartment so it had pots and pans and stuff. I filled up a pan with cold water and tried to get ice (the hotel didn’t have ice or ice machines anywhere, WTF?) to put in it and soaked my foot for an hour before bed. I also put some toothpaste on it cause I had read online (hah) that that was supposed to help the pain. It kinda did? The next morning we woke up, grabbed a coffee, then said our goodbyes for 6 weeks while everyone was rushing passed us on a busy Sydney street trying to get to work. Of course I was crying. People probably felt sorry for me like “Who is this D-bag breaking up with his chick on a Tuesday morning in rush hour?” I made S laugh by telling him not only did people probably think he was a dick for breaking up with me in public, but he was a double dick for breaking up with in public a girl they probably through was crippled, once they saw me limping away from him!
Not gonna lie, the foot looked like a sausage and I thought it might explode and kill me on the plane ride home. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded and I got an empty seat next to me. I took an antihistamine and that didn’t make me sleepy so then I took some sleeping pills and passed out. The foot looked better in the morning but I still was a little hobbley.

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