Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stay What You Are

S and I went and saw Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day in Sydney. It was so much fun. Oh, there is a big stick bug on my kitchen window right now. How cool! I have seen some big one’s while I’ve been here. This one landed on S’s screen one time and it should have been called a branch bug it was so big! Anyway, back to the bands. We hadn’t been to a show in forever so it was good to go. We stood right in the front and in the middle. Between us and the stage was just a group of punk rock lesbians, who weren’t there for Saves the Day who just made out and texted the whole set. We were so annoyed, I don’t want to see anyone making out at a show, how rude was it for the band to see you bored in the front row, and let someone up who really wants to rock out with the band. So I sang and danced along and it was so cool. Chris seems like a normal, dorky guy. So does Manny. He looks like an Indian/Sri Lankan version of Steve Urkel. They had this other guy, the bass player and he had on a hippie leather vest and a hippie headband, and long hair and a mustache. Really similar to what I think my Dad looked like after high school in all honesty. It was a great set and I wished they would’ve played longer. It was even cooler because after they played, Chris and Manny came out to the bar and were happy to chat and take pictures with anyone who would ask. I went up and said Hey to Chris and I felt like such a dorky fan girl. All I could say when shaking his hand was, “I think your awesome” and while that is true, what I really wanted to say is “your music is awesome and has changed my life and has helped me through some really tough times. You are an amazing song writer and I hope I get to see you guys again soon.” Whatever, he was still super nice and not stand offish at all. Alkaline Trio came on and they put on a really good show, too. They played a handful of songs from their album From Here to Infirmary and that’s the only CD of theirs that I know. I listen to it because it reminds me of Nae, she is so blonde and surf-y but when you see her artwork (she had a double degree in enviro science and art) and listen to the music she likes, you realize she’s pretty dark and twisted!

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