Friday, March 13, 2009

Stars Are Blind

I got back to Australia and had been lucky to meet a blind guy at my bus stop before I left. I say lucky because he happened to live in my building and happened to have a room for rent when I needed it. I had no idea what it was going to be living with someone who was blind, but I shouldn’t have worried. Benny Boy is an amazing guy. He gets through life better than I do. He’s got a rockin social life, makes his way around town to the gym nearly everyday and has a fulltime job. It probably sounds na├»ve, I just didn’t know blind people could be so self-sufficient. He made being blind look easy! We became friends over the course of the year, but I drove him nuts because I wasn’t as tidy as he is. The guy is a neat freak, but I guess you would be, too, if you couldn’t see if you were about to touch something gross on the counter or trip over something someone had left laying around. He had a psycho girlfriend for part of the time I was there and that was interesting. He dumped her and she went crazier! His friend, another S, from work is like the sassiest guy alive and I loved listening to him talk. It was great living with a blind guy cause I could walk around naked or semi-naked and not have to worry about him catching an eyeful. The only other problem I had living there was this time I didn’t have the ensuite room, I at least still had a bathroom to myself, but it was the bathroom across the hall, so I always had to time going to the bathroom when Benny Boy was away. I know it’s not normal, I know I’m a freak, S and my family and my friends tell me all the time. I just can’t help it.
S and I had a fun year. We went horseback riding and did some cave exploring in the Blue Mountains for my birthday. We stopped in Penrith for Pizza Hut and ate it in the parking lot and this has become known as our “spot” It’s a big joke though as Penrith is a few hours from here and one of the biggest holes in the world. But when we are stressed I say, “Hey S, let’s hit up our spot” We haven’t gone back yet.
S’s birthday is right after mine and I got him a surf lesson since he had so much fun in Kauai doing it and then we went for a 4 wheel drive trip around the Stockton Dunes. Our driver said he’s seen Great White Sharks from his car in the surf line there. We saw some kind of big eagle on one of the dunes and we got to go sand boarding. It’s like snowboarding, but on your butt and on sand rather than snow, and then you have to hike all the way back up the dune yourself.
We also did a 2 night trip to Hawk’s Nest, in Port Stephens, and that was a nice, relaxing time away. It was getting to be winter so hardly anyone was there. We just went for long walks on the beach and ate good food and chilled out. It was good to get away as S is always stressed about work and I was stressing about the next 6 months and doing internship, interviews, and senior projects, as well as a mini senior thesis.

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