Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soco Amaretto Lime

At some point on this trip, it was a Monday (I know because we went and watched Secrets of an American Teenager! at Nae’s place afterwards), S took me and Nae on a hot date night to the Hula Lounge. We had gone there with Nae’s old boyfriend right after she graduated, I think, and it was legit. The sweet potato fries still were, but we didn't get any fancy drinks this time and I got some weird fish soup that sounded awesome on the menu but tasted like crap.
S had a good time back at Nae’s house, hanging with her and her roommate, the Camp Counselor. Camp Counselor is a girl, who like my sister, would be perfect for S’s little brother, D. CC likes to drink, is social, and seems to me from the few times I’ve met her to be an all around fun type of person. We just chatted her up and got sucked in to the Secrets show (so cheesey and awesome) and she was getting death stares from Nae the whole time when she threatened to spill secrets about Nae that she didn't want her big sister hearing.
Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned it before, but D and Nae are like the same person just in different sexed bodies living across the world: their humor, the way they tease, the way they think and act, their interests, etc. It is cool to see them together because they just naturally worked together. Our trip to Hawaii wasn't awkward cause they could hang out and do their own thing together at times. They both like a little bit of space from their families and so one day while S and I and both sets of parents went out to lunch, Nae and D hit up the beach together instead.
Maybe one day a double wedding will be on the books for Lil D& S and Nae&D??
Also, a raccoon came to the door at Nae’s place to eat Mod and Sparticus’ cat food. I think that might have been S's first encounter with one so he was stoked.

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