Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brothers Brand New

(Even though we are sisters.) I used to be a shitty sister. I don’t think I was ever truly evil or awful or anything, but I wasn’t a good sister. Or I wasn’t a good role model. My sister thought I was lame, and I was, the way I acted with the loser exboyfriend. I always considered her one of my best friends, but she didn’t ever really feel the same. She didn’t respect me and I can see why, I was at a low point in my life and I was pathetic at times.
Nae and I took a road trip down to see our grandparents and old neighbors, who are also like an aunt/cousins to us, just before I flew back here. This was like the closest I’ve felt to my sister in a long time. Actually, the whole time I was back was. She seemed so happy and accepting of me and our family. Not that we were suddenly without fault, but she decided to love us no matter what and when it got boring/irritating she had the option of peacing out and going back to her own place. Our road trip was fun, we just talked and laughed and sang. I respect her opinion and her advice on things that go on in my life. The 5 through the farmland is a pretty boring drive, but we flew along. We were dancing up a storm in our seats to this mix tape (mix CD doesn’t sound as cool) I had made for the surf shop years ago of all classic rock songs. The truckers must have loved it when we passed them dancing and singing so loudly!
My sister has her own group of really great girlfriends where she lives, they are like her second family. She said she had to create a new one when she moved up there as she was all alone. I feel like today, maybe even if she still wouldn’t call me one of her best friends, she would call me a good friend and stuff in the past is just in the past now. I could be totally wrong? Haha. Sorry this post is just me rambling and doesn't really flow. I was just thinking about her and this is what came out. Whatever she and I have right now, I love it and I love her. Heaps Smoochies ;)

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