Monday, March 16, 2009

Lion and the Lamb

The next morning we got up and Mom and Dad drove us out to this place called Safari West ( For S’s Christmas present, I got him a safari drive at this place. The morning was cold and drizzly, but we didn’t care. Mom and Dad went exploring through one of the local towns while we were on the drive. They had like full on real safari trucks like we had taken in Kenya, except these ones had seats on the roof of the car. S and I jumped at the chance to be the first people up on it. We drove through the park and got up close to giraffes and all these other great animals. One of the park girls even got in to the pen where the rhinos were and got them to come out from their building in to the rain so we could see them. Mom, Dad, and Nae went to Madagascar last August/September and Mom and Dad thought it was so cool that they had all these lemurs there. S and I loved the 4 cheetahs they had and you can get up really close. I was only bummed that because it was breeding time or something for them, we couldn’t get a shot with a cheetah that day. After the drive, S bought some souvenirs (his Mom loves all things giraffe) and then we headed off towards home. We stopped at a real southern style barbeque place and S and I got in some fight that I don’t remember what it was about, other than him calling me “Princess” which everyone knows I hate and is one of the things that will set me off. We then drove all through the wine country and it was really pretty. We stopped at this gorgeous building which holds the C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America- and then Mom wanted to find a champagne vineyard for us to stop up. We stopped at Chandon, I think, and Dad was sweet in because he bought us a bottle to share (We later saw at Nae’s Trader Joe’s that they sell it cheaper there than at the actual winery!). I was queasy so I only had a glass, Mom had like maybe two glasses cause she was driving, and then Dad and S had to finish the bottle. I think it was a struggle as neither is a big champagne drinker. But it was still so cute that he bought it for us, thinking that we all wanted to chug some champagne.

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