Thursday, January 21, 2010

When the Lights Go Down in the City

I love storms and I love the rain, but I love them a little less when the power goes out. We've been without electricity for more than a day now so it's pretty cold and dark at the house. Boyfriend and I are little refugees at Nae's house now. We're enjoying her free heat, internet, and electricity.

Last night Dad managed to barbecue some chicken and throw together a salad, but I think tonight we'll be bringing something home for dinner as, luckily, there wasn't a whole lot left in the refrigerator when the power went out, and what is there, I'm not really trusting after 24 hours of sitting without cold.

It's pretty wild around here with mini mudslides and trees down across the road and there was even a tornado warning for the area yesterday but we're safe and enjoying the adventure of riding out the storms. I hope that if you're somewhere that is being hit by these storms that you are safe, too.

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