Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Go Surfin Now, Everybody's Learnin How

Boyfriend and I drove up to a famous surf spot today called Mavericks. The waves were supposed to be 15-20 feet with an occasional 25 footer in some sets. When we got there it was pretty windy and choppy. The waves were pretty big (12-15 ft), but not as big as they had predicted. There were still a handful of guys out there, though, getting towed in to the waves. A new swell is supposed to hit again on Monday so if it's not storming, we are going to drive the hour back up to see it. It is pretty amazing to see waves so powerful so close to shore and it is mind boggling to see guys out there riding them! They looked like little ants riding these mountains of water, even when watching them through our binoculars. Anyway, the video above is from a really big day there if you are interested and here is the wiki page about it. The history of the spot is pretty interesting (at least to me).

After we had stood up on the hill watching the surfers for an hour and a half, we went in to Half Moon Bay Harbor and had lunch out on the patio at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. It was a really nice day. We finished it by driving the coast home and coming in to Santa Cruz where the swell was even better (cleaner, but smaller than at Mavs) and there were tons of guys out even as the sun was setting and it was getting really dark out on the water. It looked like a lot of fun out there, but still not fun enough to get me out there with all those sharks!

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