Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Week He's in Polka Dots, the Next Week He's in Stripes

I think I mentioned in my Christmas post that Boyfriend had gotten me a clutch made by Jenny/Stylez at ReJENerate and it finally arrived:

I absolutely love it! It is so cute and I love the sailor theme and I love that Jen only uses vintage, recycled materials to make all of her bags and clutches. This little guy is very well constructed and I love how the inside has the same pattern but in a different color!

I think it's pretty neat that she also hand sews the "ReJENerate" label in to all of her stuff (you can kind of see it on the red under the clasp there). Boyfriend did very well with this gift!

It was such a great coincidence that the day the clutch came, I had been to Old Navy and gotten new jeans, a new undershirt, and a dark blue shirt with stripes that matched the bag! I wore the new outfit and took the clutch out with me that night to my Dad's birthday dinner and then on to a bar with Nae and Boyfriend to see a band we used to follow in high school play.

Anyway, I love my new clutch! Jen's got some really great designs and she can do custom stuff, too, so check out her site at the link above if you're looking for a new bag/clutch/bridesmaid's gift.

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