Monday, January 11, 2010

I Pack Up My Belongings and I Head for the Coast.

Here are some pictures I have taken since getting my new camera at Christmas.

You couldn't see any of the pier deck because there were layers of sealions across every inch of it!

I know these guys look grey, but they are actually California Brown Pelicans.

Trying to figure out how to snag a spot up on the pier.

No room on the pier, guess we'll have to sleep on the rocks!

Looks comfy!

You can't really see them very well but this is like a whole raft of sea otters. There are at least 100 of them in the area, but none got close enough for me to get a good picture of. We are hoping to go out kayaking at this place before we leave and will try and get pictures of these cute little guys up close.

You're looking for a starfish in this picture. It is purple and has bumps all over it.

This is some kind of weird fish that washed up on our beach and Mom dazzled us with her story of finding it and how we just had to go down and see it because it was "like nothing she'd ever seen before." We found it and said, "Huh, is this it? I thought it would be bigger. Isn't this just a flying fish or something?"

Little Sand Pipers.

It's the California State Flower: the California Poppy!

Dad and Boyfriend on one of our walks through the campground.

One of the campsites.

The worst part of going down and walking on the beach or in the campground is then you have to hike up this big hill to get home.

Still hiking up the hill.

We get lots of mushrooms on the trail. About a month ago we had really big ones that were bright orange/red with white spots on them. If I find any again, I'll be sure to get a picture because they were really pretty.

As Boyfriend and I were doing the loop walk yesterday, we came to this part of the path that gets pretty foresty on either side, I was just about to remind him how Dad and I had once seen a coyote or something in the bushes there, when something ran across our path! I think it was a coyote, as it moved like a dog, but then I got a glimpsed of its tail and it was kind of bobcat like. We came across some really, really fresh poop about 5 feet down the path, but coyote and bobcat poop seem to look a lot alike, so we can't be sure what it was. Either way it was pretty neat to have a spotting like that in the middle of the day!

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