Saturday, January 30, 2010

Six Days on the Road and Now I'm Going to Make it Home Tonight

Here's a picture of a bear from the rehabilitation center in Oregon. He somehow didn't make it in with my batch of other pictures.

We made it home this afternoon. We drove all day yesterday and passed tons of snow! We had a nice night in San Francisco and we got up this morning to beautiful weather and we got to walk the Golden Gate Bridge from end to end. I'm helping my sister, Nae, and the Camp Counselor do some last minute cleaning on their rental place tomorrow and moving any stuff they still have there to Mom and Dad's so I'll either get the pictures up tomorrow or Monday.

Boyfriend is here for less than a week now and I'm only here for eight more days. I miss all of my friends in Australia, but I really don't want to leave yet. I wish I was going over for like a month or two to visit them and then coming back here...maybe someday??

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