Friday, January 1, 2010

And a Happy New Year

We are in San Francisco with our friends Bun and Markie, her boyfriend. We spent the first few minutes of 2010 under the Bay Bridge watching the fireworks and then we walked in to the bar you can see in the bottom right of the picture. It was called the Hi Dive and it's a total divey, neighborhood bar. It was the perfect place to ring in the new year. We also ordered Chinese earlier in the night and had it delivered because none of us had ever done that and it seems like something you always see them do in movies when the characters live in a big city.

We've walked around AT&T Park (home of the Giants), went to the highest point in the city to look out over the Bay, explored the zoo, and ate down near Fisherman's Warf. All in all, a very fun couple of days! We leave in the morning, Bun and Markie, back to Orange County and me and Boyfriend back to Santa Cruz to celebrate Dad's birthday. We are also headed out with Nae to a concert tomorrow night. Then Monday we are making a quick trip down to Orange County to see a few of Boyfriend's friends who are coming out from Utah (they are Aussies, working as ski instructors for the season there).

I'm exhausted! I feel like I need a few days to recuperate from all the fun and exciting things we've been getting up to.

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