Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oregon, My Oregon

There has been a 36 hour lull in the rain and yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. This morning is cold, dull, and grey and the next storm is supposed to hit in the next few hours.

Boyfriend and I are taking off on our road trip tomorrow morning. We will be stopping in Mendocino/Fort Bragg for the night, which is way up in Northern California. On Tuesday, we will head up in to Grants Pass, Oregon, where we will be staying at this funky looking motel on the Rogue River. We plan on cruising through and finding out what Grants Pass has to do and see. There's a wildlife rehabilitation center there that I would like to see and we will be right near Crater Lake, which I think is the deepest lake in the world, so if it's not too snowy we might try and see it. On Thursday we will be taking the mountain route back down to San Francisco and will hopefully see some snow as we go. On Friday morning, we are hoping to get up early and walk the Golden Gate Bridge since we were unable to when we met Bun and Markie in the city last and then we will be home that afternoon. I'm excited to see new sites and for the adventure that always ensues when Boyfriend and I take off to a place we are unfamiliar with.

My sister, Nae, and her friend the Camp Counselor are going to be moving in to the pool house on Saturday so we are going to have a really full house until Boyfriend and I leave! Nae is bringing with her her 2 cats and 2 Australian tree frogs, as well. This should be interesting...

The reason Nae and C.C. are moving in is because one of their roommates decided to move out so they can't afford the rent where they are living now and rather than find a new place to move in to right now, they are going to move in here for a few months, which makes sense for Nae because she just found out she got in to a great white shark research program in South Africa!! I believe she will be there from April-June. I'm very excited for her. Working with great white sharks is her dream and now it seems after some stops and starts and bumps along the way, her dream is coming true! I don't know if any of you guys have been to South Africa or are from there, but if you have any hints/tips/advice about going there, please email me (lilddownunder at gmail dot com) or leave a comment on here with them.

Anyway, I'm bringing my camera and my laptop with me so more than likely I'll be updating the blog from the road. If I find any fun souvenirs along the way, I might even hold a giveaway when I get back!

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