Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You're Hot then You're Cold

I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to watch cooking shows, and I love Top Chef so it was no surprise to anyone when I immediately became hooked on Master Chef. I wondered what Channel 10 would put out because this time of year was usually reserved for Big Brother. Master Chef is so much better! For those back in the States, it is pretty much like Top Chef except they use amateur chefs and the show is on every night except for Saturdays. Sorry for those of you in other countries, I don't know what your equivalents would be.

Anyway, this Sunday will mark the finale (called a grand final here, whatever, finale is better) and the person I wanted to win, Justine (the blonde in the picture above), got eliminated last night. It was really nice for her though because the judges were sad to see her go and she had all these celebrity chefs wanting her to work for them. Matt Moran even came to her house and asked her if he could be her mentor!

The first person on the right is Julie. I swear they want her to win because they said her cake wasn't that good last night, but she did do the full presentation of it, and she was in the top two. She has a face like a smacked ass in my opinion. Make a little "O" with your mouth, where your lips are pursed up right under your nose and talk like that; you are now talking like Julie. She gets all nervous and shakey and sweaty whenever there is a challenge. She just doesn't seem like a head chef to me and she is pretty hit or miss with her dishes so I don't see why she is still on. I hope she doesn't win, but if she does, she's from near me and I'll go check out her restaurant since I do like homey style food like she tends to make.

Next to her is Sam. I had to look up his name and he's only been off a week if that tells you anything. He seemed kinda sleazy to me and it was weird because he had no idea what kind of restaurant he'd want to open if he won and that was coming out at the end of the competition.

Next is Chris. I'm surprised he's not wearing his hat. He's always got it on with his greasy hair poking out from underneath it. I think he'll win. I don't really like him as a character, but he does make some good and interesting food.

Next is Justine, who I already talked about.

Then Andre, he got the boot last week. He was the hottest on the show. I saw an interview of Sacha Baron Cohen on David Letterman last week done as himself and not Bruno and it was freaky how much Andre looks like him!

There's one more person, besides Julie and Chris in the top three who is not pictured: Poh. Boyfriend really likes her, but then again he has a thing for Asian women (when you read this Babe, you totally do!) so I think that's the reasoning behind that. She seems flakey and also she has been giving major bitch face to other competitors this week like when Justine made top 2 on the Malaysian challenge...ugh, I did not like that at all! She must not like Justine in general because when Justine was in a challenge against a celebrity chef, the other contestants (who aren't competing) normally helped their fellow competitor to try and beat the celeb, but Poh noticed Justine had missed something and didn't try and help her with it. She should play nicer and I hope she doesn't win, though she does have really cute dress style!

Oh how I wish we had Tivo! It's finally made it to Aus but it is waaaay too expensive for us for now. We will be at a family bbq for Boyfriend's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary Sunday night so I'm totally going to miss the finale!

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