Monday, July 6, 2009

Neighbours, Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

So there's another ridiculous show that I'm addicted to. It's Australian and it's on every week night for a half hour. It's called Neighbours and it's been on TV here for a good 20 years. It's a soap opera and the acting is pretty horrible. The likes of Kylie Minogue have come from this show to give you an idea of the quality of "talent" they have on. The above cast photo was taken maybe a year ago and all the crossed off people have left the show since then. It is a revolving door on Ramsey Street (where the show is based).

Just from the last week the problems that have presented themselves include: a mom wanting to be a surrogate mother for her own daughter, the hospital denying the surrogacy, the local paper picking up on the surrogacy and ridiculing the family, the brother of the husband of the woman who's mother would be her surrogate all of a sudden has a huge gambling problem that he is hiding from his live-in girlfriend, while also coveting the motor-cycle riding, mechanic chick that works for him. The woman who would be the surrogate has a step son, who's father and mother have died, sister has moved to London, and half sister is running from the law, and not only is he hiding post traumatic stress, he is also in love with a girl he's known for about 2 months. The chick he is in love with is a Korean exchange student, but she has a full Australian accent and only jabbers (not racist, that's what they make it seem like) in Korean when she is flustered. She is supposed to be naive to all things Aussie, but she seems naive to all things in general, like what love feels like and I swear to God she is so awkward and doesn't know how to act at all around people her age (as a character) and (as a real person) she doesn't know how to act at all. That's her in the picture below. The live-in girlfriend of the gambler/cheater has some cousins who are all of a sudden living on the street after her Dad went to visit their Mom (his half sister) and she fell in to some traffic and died and now the kids are parentless. There is also a couple that is 17/18 and married and she just gave birth to their first kid in a tent at a music festival. They are living with her Mom and Dad, his Mom, her little cousin, and some random guy who works at the corner store in a house that looks like it has 2 bedrooms and they are all happy and loving it...The baby screams all night? No problem! And why is the creepster old guy from the store living with them anyway?

Did you follow along with all that? If I lived on this street and all that started going on around me I'd sell my house as soon as possible! No one there is happy or has a very nice life. There are also rapes and plane crashes that have happen, people have died from burns suffered in a forest fire, and babies have gotten mixed up at birth and gone to the wrong family. They go on and on about how awesome Ramsey Street is, but I think everyone there is batshit crazy.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting with Boyfriend at 6:30 on Friday nights (the only night he's home in time for it) and yelling about how bad the acting is and how dumb the story lines are.

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