Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Watch the World

So I got this new hidden counter thingy for the blog so I can track how many people a day come and read my stuff (and believe me some days it is only me on here!) and one of the cool features of it is it shows me what countries my readers are coming from. There were lots of hits from inside Australia and from the States, a few from the UK, one from Canada, one from Thailand, one from Vietnam, one from Singapore, and most surprising of all....one from Saudi Arabia!! I thought that was pretty neat and wonder how on earth that person found my site.

I would love to hear from all the people who stop in and check this thing out. Where you are from, how old you are, what brought you to my blog, any questions you have for me. Even if you see this post months after I've written it, please drop me a comment. I would love to get to know my readers :)

On the home front: it was Mom's birthday last week so here's a belated birthday shout out: Happy Birthday Mom! Nae has been very sick for the past few weeks. At first she thought it was Mono again but then she started getting Meningitis like symptoms so she went in to Urgent Care and it turns out she's got something called Red Node Syndrome and it is so rare (it didn't even come up in my google search) that the Doctor on call had never seen it in real life before and he called in another Doctor so he could see it in real life, too! The Syndrome happens mostly to people in their 20s and piggy backs on to another illness and then basically the nodes or something attack your body and you swell up all over the place and get covered in bruises. Nae says she has bruises on the bottom of her feet even that make it very painful for her to stand/walk. Mom says she looks like an 80 year old walking around and is worried about her, especially because she won't take time off and rest as the Doctors have suggested.

Boyfriend and I are both run down with a cold/the flu...I have no idea how you tell the difference, though it feels bad to think we're feeling bad right now compared to what Nae is going through.
We are both on the hunt for jobs now as Boyfriend's company has laid off everyone and their last day will be at the end of the month. They are a tight knit little company and Boyfriend is sad to be leaving it and nervous about finding a job. Despite my college degree and despite putting in resumes at all types of places (hardware stores, discount stores, grocery stores, book stores, schools, daycares, etc) I have still not heard back from a single place for even an interview. Boyfriend's aunt suggested I try tutoring and it sounds so obvious but something I hadn't thought to do before (at least independently, I had looked in to tutoring companies but couldn't find anything local) so I called the local schools to see if I could get in to their weekly newsletters advertising my services but they don't let you do that so I'm thinking about taking out ads in the local papers. Schools are out for 2 weeks right now for the End of Term Holidays so I'm thinking I should wait until the first week they are back to advertise. Other than that we are the proud parents of 17 teeny tiny bananas and I think those numbers will grow over the next few weeks. I'm also still hoping to do another picture post or two from our trip to the Sand Dunes and also hopefully some shots from our last trip to California. I just have to get them from Boyfriend.
I hope you're having a good day wherever you are!

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