Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Love

Haha, this site has not turned in to a baby blog, I swear, but I just had to post that Boyfriend and I went over to Bob Marley's and LC's today to meet baby Lo. She is so tiny and so perfect. She's not smooshy looking like most newborns are and she has so much hair already and her hair has little high lights in it, as if she's been to the salon. Babies, especially, really tiny babies make me nervous. Junior, the Farmer and Tinkerbell's son, is 1 now and he's hearty enough that I feel confident in picking him up and playing with him because I don't feel like one wrong move and I'll break him. He also is starting to talk and trying to stand and maybe walk on his own; he seems to have missed out on the crawling stage, but he does do the funniest scootch across the floor! He is such a fun and cute little guy. Little Lo is not even 7 pounds yet so she makes me nervous, but I did end up sitting with her in a big comfy chair today for about 20 minutes and ended up loving it. What a little miracle! It was nice to sit with her and watch her sleep and talk to LC about how the first week has gone while Bob Marley and Boyfriend chatted about manly things. Anyway, it was nice to see our friends and to meet the new addition. I can't wait to see how all the groups' kids will eventully get on (or not) and interact together as they get older. I wonder if they will all be friends? Will any of them date or have crushes on each other? Will they grow up feeling like cousins? Will they continue on from our group to form their own? Will any of them fall in love and get married? So many possibilities!

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