Friday, July 24, 2009

Comfortably Numb

I've been writing about babies, movies, recipes, and TV shows lately because there aren't a lot of adventures going on at the moment in my life so bare with me. I hope it gets exciting, in a positive way(do not want or need drama, so please karma/fate/God/whatever, don't thinkI'm asking for that at all), sometime soon because A) I'm bored out of my fucking mind at the moment and B) Then I might have something of interest to write about again.
Anyway, until then here's another recommendation for a TV show: Nurse Jackie. Have you guys been watching it? I downloaded the first episode on Tuesday on a whim and the next night downloaded the next 7 episodes because I had liked the first one so well. To me it seems like real life in a hospital; it's not pretty, it's gritty. They've made Edie Falco look so rough and manly, it's hard for me to imagine her as Carmela Soprano like this (which is probably a good thing and probably what they are going for). It's like House in that the lead character works in a hospital and is addicted to pain pills, but there's none of the misdiagnosis then good diagnosis cycle that has become a bit tedious on House. It's people coming in and living or dying from stab wounds, falling off of skateboards, heart failure, etc. Nurse Jackie also cares about her patients way more than Dr. House ever has. If you do end up watching it, which I highly recommend that you do(This is how good it is: Boyfriend was in the other room working today and listening to me yelling at the laptop "No, no, no" and laughing so he had to pop his head in to see what was going on. I can't help it, I am so sucked in!) look out for Jackie's nurse-in-training, Zoey. Her awkwardness in new situations is me spot on. I'm cuter and can be a bitch and I'm not that way 24/7 so I'd like to think I'm not AS annoying as the other characters seem to find her at first, but just thought I should tell you all that that's what I'm really like. I'm only cool on the internet ;D I mean I even get that awkward around Boyfriend and the people in our group sometimes and I know them well...My name is Lil D and I am a social retard! So yeah, check out Nurse Jackie if you get a chance, it's way better than anything we are getting on Aussie TV at the moment!

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