Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland

Image from Kevin and Amanda

Well....that's what I should be doing! I've been slacking this week on my walks. I'm really nervous about getting this job and it's all I can think of. So instead of walking, I've been watching old episodes of Australia's Next Top Model and eating things that taste really, really good but probably aren't the healthiest for me.

If you're looking for comfort food, tonight's recipe will hit the spot! I know it doesn't look like much in the pictures, but it is heavenly. Boyfriend isn't home yet and after trying the sauce, I had to have a little bowl to hold me over til he gets here.

Grilled Chicken Pasta in a Tomato Cream Sauce

Recipe from Kevin and Amanda via the Pioneer Woman (They also have really nice step-by-step pictures on their blog you should check out for more details.)

Here's What You'll Need

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Montreal Steak seasoning (I didn't have this so I used some other chicken seasoning we had)

1/2 pound penne pasta

2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

½ cup chicken broth

1 (8-ounce) can tomato sauce (I didn't know what this meant so I used some really plain, organic pasta sauce)

1 cup heavy cream (I used 300 ml of whipping cream)

1/2 to 1 tsp salt & pepper (to taste)

1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped (Didn't have)

6-8 fresh basil leaves, chiffonaded (Boyfriend was supposed to bring this home from his parents' bush but he forgot)


Rinse chicken breasts in cold water. (Oops!)

Layer between sheets of wax paper and pound to even thickness. (I just cut my chicken in to really thin strips)

Season both sides with Montreal Steak seasoning.

Preheat grill for medium high heat, lightly oil grate, and grill chicken breasts on medium high heat for 6-8 mins each side. OR heat 2 tbsp butter & 2 tbsp olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.

Once the butter and olive oil is nice and hot, add chicken breasts and cook 5 mins each side. Set chicken aside to cool.

In a large pot, boil water with 1 tbsp salt. Add 1/2 lb penne pasta noodles and boil according to package directions.

Heat 2 tablespoons butter and 2 tablespoons olive oil in the skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, until garlic is tender, but do not let the garlic turn brown (about 3-5 mins).

Add the chicken broth to the pan and allow to reduce by half.

Meanwhile, slice chicken.

Once the broth has reduced, stir in tomato sauce. Add the heavy cream and stir well to combine.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Turn heat to low. (Mine didn't need any salt so taste before adding)

Chop the parsley and basil, add to sauce and mix well. Drain pasta and add to sauce. Stir well to coat. (I also tossed the chicken in to the mix.)

Serve pasta on plates, top with sliced chicken.


  1. great article from Real Simple on how to worry less:
    this issue has an article on how to get and stay energized but not posted online yet! :)

  2. Thanks Mom! xoxo
    She's always looking out for me :)

  3. Yay!! I love recipes. If you feel like trying another delicious pasta- here is a great recipe:

    I made it with chicken and I used that new philly cream for cooking because it's a lot lower in fat. It's SUPER delish!!

  4. PS. it took me a minute, but I just realized I have those EXACT plates shown in the photo. I bought them on sale when I was about 19 and still use them today. Random.

  5. I'll have to put the ingredients on my shopping list for next week because it looks delicious!

  6. I think we'll be trying Elsja's recipe suggestion next week because I want to try the new philly cream cheese for cooking and MOTH Dude's parents have offered to give us some of the last of their red bell peppers from their crop....woooo!


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