Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Around the Corner There's Heartache.

Grrrrrr, f*ing grrrrr!

I just got a rejection letter from the university. I'm really upset. After having no luck finding a job last year here I thought coming across a job ad for an International Student Support Officer at my old university was serendipitous. I thought who better to help other international students than someone who has been one? Who better to help people work through their frustrations at being a foreigner in Australia than someone who still gets frustrated being a foreigner themselves? I guess the university didn't see that.

I'm embarrassed that I told everyone that I was going for this job because now they are all waiting to hear that I have gotten it and I haven't. What if Boyfriend's parents are right- "What if she never finds a job here?" My hope is feeling a little worn and I'm missing home right now and have visions of myself in some awesome job right now if only we were living there and not here.

Here's the thing, though- everyday is a choice. Today I'm going to choose to be sad and have a good cry about not getting the job I really wanted, but tomorrow crying and being sad isn't going to help me. Tomorrow I have to choose to move on, to put on my happy and determined face and start the search again. (Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and the Rainbow Serpent give me the strength to put on that happy face tomorrow, I'm gonna need it!)


  1. Aww I'm so sorry! Don't feel too sad... I got rejected from working in a RETAIL shop a few months ago. I just wanted some extra cash and part time work and I had two, yes TWO interviews to sell clothing and I didn't get it. SEriously? It was RETAIL! Now THAT was embarassing! You'll get something, just keep trying. I know how it feels to think you may never get anything- but you will.

  2. Thanks for the condolences girls!

    Elsja-I cannot believe that...2 interviews for retail and then not getting it?? Amazing! Sometimes this place feels so screwy to me.

  3. You will find something!! Have you tried praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster? You never know... (google it:)


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