Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You're My, My Summertime

It's a zoo around here! I called my sister, Nae, this morning and she asked if I was in a bird atrium. I wasn't, but I had about 20 rainbow lorikeets in the trees around me calling up a storm as I sat on the back step talking to her. I went on a walk with LC, baby Lo, and their dog Bas (rhymes with Spazz) yesterday to the path down near the lake and we saw a bunch of fish, a blue tongue lizard, and on our walk back towards home LC started yelling at Bas to stop and come back to us and I looked up and there was a big red belly black snake that he was sniffing at and it was aiming to turn around and strike him! A snake like that could kill a little dog like Bas. Luckily, he's a good boy and came running back to her just in time and I carried him past where we had seen the snake slither off into the weeds. In still more animal news, as I was sitting around our fire on Monday night, Peter the Possum launched himself from a tree on one side of the yard into a tree on the other side, just like a flying squirrel! It was incredible and we just saw him do it again tonight as we were getting ready to come in from another fire. We also discovered last night that not only do we have Peter living in our yard, but we also have Peter's probable Baby Mama and at least one big baby living in the ceiling of our laundry room! I thought Peter had climbed up on to the laundry room roof so I threw some papaya up to him, but the little possum that peaked over the edge at me was much smaller than Peter and then I noticed a little baby playing possum on an outside rail on the roof of the laundry room hoping that I wouldn't see him. I got up under him and had a look as he tried to hide his sweet little face from me. He was too cute! It's neat having all these animals around, but I will have to start being more careful in the yard because the hot weather will bring out snakes. Bob Marley has already seen two snakes, and one was some kind of super poisonous brown snake, in the last few days. On a sidenote, the warm weather has been great over the last few days and I have gotten a bit of a tan to bring back home with me and our laundry has been drying on the line in like an hour! (This is me being old and boring but) It's so great to be able to get through multiple loads of laundry in a day and bring it in nice, warm, soft, and completely dry! Good thing I got through heaps of it today as I've heard we're in for cooler weather and rain starting tomorrow afternoon and lasting until I leave next week.

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