Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Red, Red Wine

Am I really a grown up? Now Mom, Boyfriend, Nae, before you start in with the 100 other reasons I'm probably not really a grown up yet, here is the reason I'm asking this question today: because I can't get in to wine. Growing up, this was always what I saw adults drinking. Sure they might have a margarita or a GnT every now and again or Dad might have a beer if it better matched what we were having for dinner, but 9 times out of 10 at dinner or at parties, the grown ups were drinking a nice bottle of wine.

So now that I'm 25, I figure this wine drinking thing should've kicked in for me by now, but I really don't like it and I'm not sure that I ever will. That bums me out because I know Boyfriend would love to share a bottle with me at night during dinner or as we sit out around the fire, but he doesn't buy any because he knows he'll be the only one drinking it. It also bums me out because it's not a shared experience/love I have with my parents. It'd be nice to enjoy a bottle together when I'm home and be able to join in on their critiques of their wine choice each night.

The reasons I don't like wine are that a good drink to me is something that is either sweet (like tea, juice, diet soda, and even milk to some extent) or neutral (like water) and wine is either heavy, spicy or dry tasting. Also, I like my drinks super cold with like 5 ice cubes in my glass or hot and white wines never seem cold enough and the room temperature that red wine is served at makes me want to gag.

I know they say wine is an acquired taste but it's just so gross to acquire. Cigarettes are gross at first, too, but you acquire that taste...should I go out and start trying to make myself take up smoking, too? I'm sure if I chose to start eating deodorant I could acquire a taste for it, but who would want to? I just can't imagine people having their first glass of wine and being like "This stuff is awesome!" (at least about the taste and not about the buzz they are getting from it).
And can people really "detect a slight hint of honey" or "rose" or "chocolate" or "coffee" or "raspberry" or "etc, etc" in the wine or is that just b.s. and something people say when drinking wine to sound snobby and like they know what they are talking about?

I know it's not the end of the world that I don't like wine and I, obviously, have plenty of other shared experiences/things I enjoy doing with Boyfriend and my parents, but it would be nice to be let in on the secret about why everyone else seems to think wine is so awesome.


  1. You're probably going to get sick of my comments soon, but I am sitting here laughing because I still can't believe how many entries I am comi

    ng across that could be written by me!!! I have the exact same feelings about this topic. I thought I would grow up and suddenly like wine like everyone else seems to. But I don't! When we visit my parents I sit there with a Cherry Dr Pepper (they have a lolly shop around the corner that imports all different soft drinks and lollies) while they all drink red and white wines.

    I just think why drink wine when I can have something I actually like! Not that I'm a big alcohol drinker anyway. I've been drunk like once this year I think! I'd much rather be sober so I can drive home and be able to wake up in the morning feeling good! :).

  2. Nah, I love getting comments and knowing someone out there is reading what I write :)

    I haven't been drunk or even more than a little tipsy in about 2 years...I threw up on a train after a big night of drinking and that really turned me off getting drunk!

    I agree-I hate spending the night at people's houses because I never sleep well and I'd rather be sober to drive me and MOTH home and sleep in my own bed and wake up feeling good in the morning, too.


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