Thursday, October 1, 2009

Peter, Peter, Possum Eater

Listen, I know that's not exactly how the song/poem goes, but there aren't a lot of songs about possums out there and I try and name every post after a song...also this post is about a possum, he's a boy and I named him Peter, and I fed him good stuff to eat so it kinda makes sense to call it that.Every time we rolled our garage door up or down for the past few weeks we've been hearing lots of bumps and bangs inside of it. We had no clue what it was and were freaked out every time we walked in to the garage that a rat or snake or something was going to fall down on us.

Last night I went to sleep with the sound of the possums outside our window growling at each other and it was a scary noise, like someone coughing/a motorbike starting up, and this afternoon when Boyfriend got home from an overnight Sydney trip, this is what he came home to as he pulled the car in to the garage:

He ran inside to get me and all I could see when I came out was its long, hairy, black tail hanging out from under the garage door. I didn't know if there was a possum attached to the tail or if the possum was alive or dead. Luckily, he was alive (trust me, I got a glimpse, and it is a he) so I immediately wanted to make it my pet and decided to give it my leftover PopTart. Little guy went nuts for it!

I also put an orange up near him and I was nervous to be so close to him and while he gave the orange a good sniff and seemed interested in it, he still hasn't touched it. For some reason his nose and eyes and his sweet little face remind me of a pig...anyone else seeing that?

He really loved the banana I gave him after the orange and he tried to grab it with his gross claws, which freaked me out again. He ate nearly half of a huge banana that Boyfriend had just bought for my breakfast tomorrow. It was so neat to watch him up close and his nose kept running with excitement (/rabies?).

We just went out to see if we could put the roller door down (it's been about 2 hours since Boyfriend discovered him) and he was still sitting on top of it so we rolled it really slowly and you should've seen him go- it was like watching a lumberjack in a log-rolling competition, too cute!

Anyway, you guys just wait and see, four weeks from today is when I leave to go home to CA and I bet before then I'll have the little guy sitting on my shoulder like a parrot and eating out of my hand! (Ok, before my Mom or anyone else freaks out, I'm joking....well....mostly I'm joking)


  1. OMG its massive!!! i cant believe u gave him a pop tart HAHAHAHA.. neal said he probs wants u to peel the orange for him!


  2. Haha, I know that you mean "Bob Marley", right? Boyfriend and I are dying laughing about peeling the orange, that's awesome! (And you know I'm so going to try it next time to see if it eats it that way instead)


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