Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Should I Care if I Have to Cut My Hair?

Ummmm, so not a whole lot is going on around here beside me working and working out, and that is why I am posting about my latest haircut. My apologies if this bores you to tears!

So this past weekend I got my haircut. It had been getting really long lately. I don't think I've ever had it so long, and if I have, it was back in Kindergarten. But I've got really thick hair (you can be jealous, but I think it's a pain) and I'm not a girly girl so I don't know how to style it and it was starting to look kindof "blah" in my opinion. I thought I'd get it thinned out and take an inch or two off and get some texture put in to the bottom of it....

What I came out with was the haircut I got in the 1st or 2nd grade when I originally chopped my long hair off. It's this bob-ish thing that doesn't even hit my shoulders. It's a well done cut technically, but not at all what I asked for. It's funny because I think the lady just gave me, my Mom and Nae all a slightly different version of the same haircut. Everyone else seems to like it and thinks it suits me but I'm not feeling it at all. I think I look like a soccer mom. It's like I got the ring on my finger, now all I need is to pop a few out kids and get myself a minivan and I'll be set. I don't think it suits my style or personality.

Oh's only hair and it'll grow back, but from now on I'm only letting the Hairdresser touch it (even if I have to wait over 6 months to see her) and bringing in a picture of what I want!


  1. Sounds like you'd better run out and get some high-waisted mom jeans. haha

  2. Haha, exactly...High wasted, acid washed, and tapered on the ends just for full effect!


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