Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Happy Birthday Song

I had a really nice birthday last night. We went out for the best Thai food (Sabieng's) and then we had some really great cupcakes and ice cream for dessert. The Camp Counselor wrote me a really nice card and Mom and Dad surprised me with more presents! I got to talk to Boyfriend for a few minutes, too. His birthday present unfortunately didn't make it here yesterday, but no worries now I can celebrate my birthday for the 4th time when it does (1st-the day I was originally going back to Australia 2nd-my Aussie birthday 3rd-my American birthday 4th-whenever Boyfriend's gift gets here)!

I was reflecting on the year that I've had yesterday and it was a pretty good year: I officially graduated from college, I started the blog, I moved in to my own house, Boyfriend moved in with me, I became an unofficial aunt to Baby Lo, some good friends got married-Croc and the Teacher, some other friends had a baby I've still yet to see-the Soccer Player and the Hairdresser, some other friends found out they are expecting-Turk and Stylez, I got a Christmas job at the Cookie Company, I got to road trip through Northern California and Oregon with Boyfriend, I got to spend at least 4 months of it with my family, and I got engaged. Not a bad year at all!

I did nearly cry though yesterday when I realized that it had been 5 whole years since I had turned 21

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  1. awww lol don't cry you are still young!!! sounds like a great year!!!


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