Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sound of Animals Fighting

Have you guys been watching that new show, based on the 1980s movie, Parenthood? It's been on twice now and I love it.

The episode last night had me rolling from the first 5 minutes because in it the main character, Adam, hears a noise as he is laying in bed and jumps up in his underwear to fight this possum. I swear, this has been my life for the last two weeks! I'll be laying in bed reading when all of a sudden I'll hear the trash can lids thunk. So I race upstairs in my underwear or pajamas with a jacket quickly thrown over them, grab a flashlight and some rotting lemons that we always have in our fruit bowl, and head out on to our balcony where I then begin my assault on the raccoons that are scrounging in our or our neighbor's trash cans. They aren't even phased by the light or me making hissing noises at them and they really only leave when the lemons get super close to them. I realize that I am/probably look like a crazy person doing this, but I guess that's why it's a good thing we live in a fairly remote spot-there isn't too much traffic driving by at night to see my outside in all my glory fighting the raccoons!

If you haven't checked out Parenthood, I'd recommend it. It's got the mom from the Gilmore Girls (this would be a reason Boyfriend would be hesitant to watch it so if you don't like GG, disregard the fact that she's on the show) and Peter Krause who was on Six Feet Under and a ton of other people that you have seen on other shows. It's set in Berkeley and is all about this big family's dynamics. It's like Brothers and Sisters with a lot less gushy stuff. It's a good show for guys and girls both, I think.

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