Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Writing Again, These Letters to You Aren't Much I Know

Hey Guys, just a quick update. I now have an email address for the blog that you can contact me on with any questions, comments, opinions, rants, raves, or whatever you might have: lilDdownunderATgmailDOTcom (Boyfriend says I need to write it that way, so spammers trolling sites looking for the @ symbol don't find my address and start flooding my inbox with spam). I finally realized I should get one after a lovely reader named Liz sent me a comment today asking for some advice on a potential move to Australia and I had to email her back with an email from an old account with a name, if not explained, sounds emo and dumb, but actually has to do with bodyboarding. Anyway, so as to never have to feel dumb and explain that email name again, I created the lilD one. Depending on Liz's questions and her permission to use them, I might post up a question and answer thing on here about moving to Australia since I know a lot of my readers find me through the expat blog network and might be having her same thoughts/questions about moving to Australia. Hope everyone has a great weekend and as always, feel free to leave me comments on here or send me an email about things you'd like to see me write about (whether it be boys, travel, things to do when you are unemployed, or whatever) or just questions you'd like me to answer for you directly!
xoxo Lil D (haha, P.S. We just got Gossip Girl here two weeks ago and Boyfriend called me gossip girl today as I spent all morning reading celeb goss so it was funny when I just realized that I ended the blog the way they end the Gossip Girl episode each week! I'm a dork, I know!)

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