Monday, June 8, 2009

Swallowed by the Sea

On Friday, Boyfriend and I made Mexican rice and he brought over tortillas from the Mexican food place in Sydney and we had burritos for lunch. We then headed out to one of our local beaches, Soldiers Beach (the above picture claims to be it, but I think it is actually the next beach over, Jenny Dixon Beach, but thought I'd put it up so you guys can see what my local beaches look like= gorgeous and clear water like Hawaii). The beach is a big semi-circle, probably about a mile long, and we thought we'd walk to the end so we could look out and see the other beaches past it and also explore the rock pools that were there. The weather was warmish, but did get chilly off and on as the sun disappeared behind the lingering rain clouds still left in the sky. When the sun was out, it shined through the water and you could see the sand and shells at the bottom. We walked out a little ways in the water and it felt so warm. Boyfriend thought warmer than when he had last been out at summer. When we got to the end of the beach there was a calm spot that was shallow for a ways out and I said to Boyfriend, "Let's go for a swim" but he just laughed and said we didn't have any towels or bathing suits, for that matter. So we walked on the rocks a bit, but didn't see anything in the pools and the rocks were sharp and hurt our feet so we started to walk back.
We had just started walking back and the beach was deserted and the sun had come out and was shining through the water and I said again to Boyfriend "Let's go for a swim" He said that he would watch me and I said, "No, come on, it'll be fun, come with me. We can use my shirt and undershirt to dry off when we get out. It'll be an adventure and funny" So he said alright and we waited for the only person on the beach to walk past us then I stripped down and ran into the water in just my thong and bra, laughing because if anyone was around they would see my big, white bum for sure. Boyfriend then came jogging down and into the water in his boxer briefs, too. Just then, the sun decided to go behind some clouds and the water wasn't as warm past our legs as we thought it would be. It was actually spooky being in the water and it being all gloomy, but we laughed and shivered and dove under the water a few times anyway. Boyfriend said he'd wait in the water while I got dried off and changed so I raced out of the water and tried to dry off and change back in to my workout pants and sweatshirt as fast as I could. I got done then Boyfriend came out of the water and started to dry off. Then some people were coming from down the beach near the rocks so he raced back in to the water and stood there til they had passed. They kept looking at Boyfriend and then looking at me and smiling and then looking back to Boyfriend. Finally, they passed and Boyfriend came out of the water and dried off as best he could, too.
Later that night was when we were due at the Hairdresser and the Soccer Player's place for dinner and right when we walked in the door I announced to everyone that I had had a relapse. That it had been four years since I last jumped in to a body of water naked (the last time being when I had first met Croc and the Soccer Player and jumped in the pool naked on a dare in the middle of the night) and I had felt today that the time had come for me to do it again, but this time I had convinced Boyfriend to do it with me, too. They all laughed at us and probably thought we were crazy since it is winter here and all, but it was totally fun and I would definitely recommend that the next time you find yourself walking along a deserted beach with beautiful clear water that you be adventurous and go skinny-dipping or semi-skinny-dipping, too!

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  1. wow looks like you are enjoying life with your bf. Keep it up and enjoy yourselves always.


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