Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

I'm hoping to get pictures and go in to more detail then, but Boyfriend and I had a really great weekend. We were up with the sunrise on Friday morning to drive down to Sydney so that Boyfriend could go on two different scuba dives. Then Saturday we spent the whole day out on the sand dunes of Stockton Beach 4 Wheel Driving with Croc and the Teacher and their family. Although it was freezing, we sat and watched the sunset and it lit up the clouds in to an amazing red color. Saturday night we went to the Farmer and Tinkerbell's house with Croc and the Teacher and LC and Bob Marley were there, too. It was just a nice, mellow night hanging out and talking and I'm sure I impressed the Teacher and Croc with my driving skills when we gave them a lift home.
As we were driving to do errands on Sunday morning, Boyfriend and I talked about what a great group of friends we have and it's really, really true and to have such nice and awesome people in my life makes me so happy!
Hopefully pictures that I took from the dunes will be emailed to me soon and I'll post them and give you guys more details our adventures and the many animals we ended up seeing. Hope you are enjoying yourself where ever you are...I am wishing for some warm, California summer weather right now, but instead I am bundled up inside with the heater on and it's raining.

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