Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Photo Post

I'm bored and was going through some pictures on my phone and thought I'd share them with you. Sorry, as always, for the crappy quality, but I am just using my little camera on my phone and it isn't that great. Hope you enjoy. The first half are all from Australia and the next half are from last Christmas and the last one is from 2 summers ago before we went to Mexico.

I didn't know pointsettias (I think of them as Christmas flowers) grew in to trees but I spotted this one near the first scuba dive site Boyfriend went to last Friday.

This little guy was hiding behind my trash cans when I took them out. I wonder what kind of frog or toad he is?

This was the end result of our "In-N-Out Night"....Animal Style fries, cheeseburgers, and shakes

I got this shirt for my Mom cause she raises money for an anti-whaling group. She wore it last time she went through the airport at Japan...she's such an activist, I love it!

This stick bug flew up and landed on the outside of Boyfriend's patio one day while we were on the driveway talking to his Mom....huge!

The pelicans in Australia are also huge, at least compared to the ones I'm used to in CA. They do a daily feeding for them locally; it's neat to see.

This is at my old and really nice apartment in Newcastle. Boyfriend got me flowers and I didn't have a vase so they ended up in the blender!

Check out the blue thing with the bright's some sort of sea slug (nudibranch I think is the proper name) that we saw in some rock pools when Mom and Dad and Boyfriend and I went exploring one rainy day they were here.

Our Christmas tree from this past year. Nae and I cut it down ourselves. She did the majority of the work. It was super tall and beautiful. I wish I was sitting near it and our fireplace right now.

These are some Christmas cookies I made with Mom to take in to work. We made "Aussie Icing" to decorate them with. We are as good as Betty Crocker, I tell ya.

Some other Christmas cookies I made with Mom to take to work with regular American frosting...some don't look too hot because I was trying to frost around sprinkles....Dang, all these pictures are totally putting me in a Christmas mood...Good thing we've got a Christmas in July celebration planned for next month!

Boyfriend had never seen a sand dollar before and when I sent him these two pictures he said "How did you make the design on each one the exact same?" I died laughing and thought it was too cute. I guess we don't have them here in Aus? We collected all the sand dollars ourselves for it on the beach out in front of Mom and Dad's house.

I think I could totally sell these wreaths at like the Farmers' Market or Flea Market next Christmas. I think it looks really neat and is just made from found sand dollars, silver ornaments that we got on sale for like $2 for a box of 20, and an artificial wreath from Michael's. Don't steal my idea all you crafty bitches who read this! ;)

Some cupcakes I made for when Mr. G and his wife and son came over. I love playing around with food dye and seeing what colors I can make.

This is Mod, one of Nae's cats. Nae thought it would be a good idea to buy Mod a poncho...Mod didn't agree! Once it was on, she couldn't figure out how to walk so she just kindof fell over and laid there til we took it off was so much fun!

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