Monday, June 22, 2009

Coffee, Mate?

Never ever in my life have I bought CoffeeMate back home, though some of the holiday flavors they have always tempted me to. Well, last week I really started craving iced coffee, being poor and not having a Starbucks near by (or really any cafe for that matter) I looked in to whether or not CoffeeMate was sold in Australia so that I could add it to my own iced coffee at home. It is, in fact, but only in the powdered form or in those a 10 pack of those little cap sized containers and at like $4 for a pack I figured I could make my own at home with "real" ingredients rather than chemicals and stuff and maybe for cheaper so I did some googling and here is the recipe I came up with, modified from ones I found online. I have been having an iced coffee with breakfast and lunch for the past two days and they are so delicious (and doing it this way with the skim milk products, not too bad for me, either)!

Vanilla "CoffeeMate"
2 cans of skim sweetened condensed milk
3-3.5 cups of skim milk (depending on how thick and sweet you want it to be)
2 tablespoons of vanilla extract*
*if you wanted to make an almond flavored one, you could add 2 tablespoons of almond extract instead, or 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to make a chocolate flavored one, or 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of either mint or raspberry to end up with chocolate mint or chocolate raspberry flavor, the possibilities are pretty endless

I poured all these ingredients in to a washed out milk container and then just shook it vigorously (cap on obviously) until all the ingredients were combined. If you don't do that, the condensed milk won't mix in and will just sit on the bottom of the container.
This stuff will supposedly keep for 2 weeks. I only made half the recipe and I will be out of it before the week is up I'm sure so I won't be able to test whether or not it really does have that long of a shelf life yet.

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