Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Don't Care How Fat or How Skinny, Just Give Me Something To Love

I have survived training at work and even my first, full day on the phone! With the end of training comes a new schedule and some days I will be off at 3:30 so I think it is time to put my free gym membership to use. I won't say I've ever enjoyed the gym, but I do feel accomplished and proud of myself when I make it a regular part of my routine. LC just posted the pictures she took from the sand dunes last weekend and there was a shot of my ass that made me never want to eat again and with our engagement party 2 months away, I'd like to like the pictures of myself from that day so yeah, me and the gym need to become good friends again!


  1. What Gym are u joining??


  2. Hi!

    Still reading through your blog. I'm addicted! It's like a novel. You are such a patient journal writer. I've always written in paper journals etc but I don't have the patience to sit and describe events in details!

    As I read, if I comment on an old post, will you get a notification? Because I had another NO WAY moment just then!!

    In a previous entry, you write about your sister getting Red Node Syndrome. Are you talking about Eurythema Nodosum? Or "Red Nodules" as they call it? It's an autoimmune thing.

    Because if you are, my husband got that a few years ago. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong, and were basically saying that although blood tests were showing that there was swelling (no duh!) that everything else was clear.

    I was so upset, he felt so sick and he had big purple bruise lumps and his ankles were swollen. Well a few weeks into it I was clearing out my magazine rack, and I came across an old copy of Body&Soul from The Sunday Mail newspaper. For some reason I decided to read through it, and came across an article about "eurythema nodosum". And it listed ALL the symptoms my husband had.

    So I persuaded him to take it to his doctor, but the doctor LAUGHED and said that it wasn't it. Forward six weeks later to his specialist appointment. Specialist walks in with students following, and looks for TWO SECONDS and goes "eurythema nodosum" and walks out. Husband said he didn't even stop walking!!

    He actually got it through having a throat infection a few weeks before the symptoms started.

    We have NEVER met anyone else that has gone through it before.

    Sorry I just had to comment because it spun me out!!

  3. Hey again Danae! Yeah, no matter where you comment, old or new, I will get it. I'm pretty sure what your husband had and what my sister had are the same thing- crazy! She has never heard of anyone else having it either so I'll have to tell her about your husband. She's had mono a few times and I think it progressed from that maybe. So random that you are commenting about it now because we were just telling our friend the other day about how Nae had this weird thing no one had heard of and he was so spun out by it, too.

  4. Haha yeah I told my husband last night and he was like "I thought it was rare"?? Haha, but it IS rare, and when you think about it your sister is over in California and he is here in Australia. It was so horrible for him, I felt so bad for him, he couldn't even walk because of the bruises on his feet and the swelling.

    Yeah that's what the specialist said, it comes off things like glandular fever (which is mono isn't it?). You'll definitely have to tell your sister!


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