Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Morning (Head)ache, You're Like an Old Friend Come and See Me Again

Monday was my last day of training and by the end of the day my head was killing me to the point where I was feeling nauseous. I was ready to go home and hoped that I wouldn't have to pull over and puke on my drive home. MOTH Dude had his late night meeting that night so I went home and slept for an hour and woke up feeling better, even more so after I had a nice, hot shower. I made us a really good dinner and was just finishing it up when MOTH got home. He had some exciting news about a tentative job offer he had received for after his current contract is up, but he also had to create a mini website as proof of what he was capable of...that night, even though he hadn't gotten home until 9:30!

After dinner my headache really started to kick in again so I wished MOTH good luck and passed out. He came to bed at 12:45 (poor guy) and woke me up on accident. My head was still really hurting, but I figured I just needed good, solid sleep and I would be fine in the morning. We both got up at 5:30 (once again-poor guy! I don't know how he survives on so little sleep) and while he got in the shower I laid in bed willing my head to stop hurting and my tummy to stop churning. Eventually MOTH Dude had to leave for the train and I decided there was no way I'd be able to sit in the loud call center all day and talk to customers with my head like it was so I got back in to bed and then called in sick once the center opened. Company policy is that I don't get any paid sick days for the first year (I think) and if I take any time off, I have to provide a sick note.

So after calling in sick and sleeping a bit more, I went to find a medical center that would take walk-ins. After being turned away at one nearby, I went to one further away, where I had been treated for my awful spider bite last year. They said they only took walk-ins when it wasn't busy (and just my luck, it was) BUT that she had an appointment time for 10 minutes from then*! I saw the doctor and explained to him how I get migraines, but that this wasn't as bad as a migraine, just below the level of one, and that I had had it for 16 hours. He asked if I was feeling achey and I have been and so he told me he didn't think it was a migraine either, but the start of the flu. Which thinking about it now, makes sense since two of the girls in my training group have been super sick over the past week. Anyway, off I went with my doctor's note excusing me from work for yesterday and today and a prescription for some hardcore codeine pain pills. I picked up my prescription and some ginger ale and have been lying in bed pretty much ever since.

I made MOTH dinner last night and had a tiny bowl and was starting to feel ok. I woke up today with a bit of a headache and decided that since I had the doctor's note that covered today, as well, I might as well use it to my advantage and take some more meds and rest it off, which I am glad I did because my headache has been fluctuating in intensity all day and the queasiness is back...fun! Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow since I don't have a doctor's note for then and because it's another 5:30 wake up day since work starts at 8. I'm excited to see how my first day on the phones go and don't want to ruin it with a headache or nauseousness. I can't even take my meds tomorrow, if I do wake up with a headache, since the codeine makes me a little loopy and really sleepy. Anyway, I guess this was a long, boring post just to say I've been sick...sorry! Might have more exciting things to write about after the weekend since we are maybe have dinner with Stylez and Turk on Friday and having a non-election party on Saturday night with the group.

Looks like it might be meds and nap time...Oh wait, did my neighbor just decide to start sawing outside my window?? Awesome!

*How great is it that a) I got the appointment b) I only had to wait about 15 minutes past the appointment to see a doctor and the whole waiting room was PACKED and c) since I now have an Australian Medicare card, I saw the doctor for $20 and that was all I'll ever have to pay? Note to America: A nationally subsidized healthcare system can work and can work really well!


  1. Hope you are feeling better now!!

    Just thought I'd let you know I have read through your whole blog (I love reading, and I'm also a compulsive reader and love to read while eating lunch if my husband isn't home etc). It was really good to read.

    I still can't believe how much we have in common! I know your name now because you slipped once or twice and then wrote an entry about it haha, but your secret is safe with me!

    You have also inspired me to start journalling again. I used to write in my paper diary (moleskine :)) a lot, but then I'd miss a day and say to myself "I'll just leave a few pages blank for that" and then I'd do it again, and before I know it I have nearly filled the book but most of the pages are empty!!

  2. Danae, Wow! I'm both impressed and flattered that you made your way through all my drivel. I've tried going to your LJ a few times and not sure if I'm just not browsing it correctly or if you haven't written in a really, really long time? Anyway, if that's the journal you decide to start updating, let me know because I'd love to read it. By the way, how old are you? Are you and your husband both Aussie born and raised? What part of Aus are you in?

  3. Hi D!

    Oh no I forgot it's on friends only. If you had a livejournal account I could add you as a friend and you could read it. When I start writing again I'll be sure to make it a public blog :).

    I'm 26 :). A 1984 baby. And yep we are both Aussie born and raised. I was born in Adelaide, but moved to the country (town called Port Augusta) when I was 5. Tim was born and raised her in Port Augusta.

    I moved back to Adelaide after year 12, and worked for a few years. I met my husband Tim in high school, and always had a crush on him. I didn't know but he felt the same. After school I moved to Adelaide, and he moved to Brisbane. And then back in 2006 we ended up talking a lot over the phone again, and it just went from there! He is a lovely, lovely man and makes me very happy!

    We lived together in Adelaide for a while, but we are both country people at heart, so it wasn't long before we were up here. The fact that I walk out my front door and have an uninterrupted view of the Flinders Ranges makes living in a small town so worth it!!

    We married in February 2009. It was actually 48 degrees here on the day hehe. We got married in a lovely spot in the Flinders Ranges, so though it was hot, the scenery more than made up for it! That being said, I didn't even feel the heat because I was just so excited and happy!

    Hahaha glad you were flattered that I read through your journal! Not drivel at all!! You'll just have to keep updating regularly haha because I am used to reading your entries daily.

    Just kidding, you are a busy woman, but keep with it because you are one of the best journallers (if that's a word) that I have ever come across. I love how you aren't lazy with your entries, you will sit and detail everything nicely and use proper punctuation etc. It's like reading a good book :).


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