Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jaws Swimming Theme Part 3

Here are a ton more pictures from Nae's adventure so far. This weekend she may be going on a game drive and bungee jumping (I hope not!). The pictures are from where they do their dolphin surveys at and from Cango Wildlife Ranch, which Boyfriend and I are now dying to go to, especially because Nae says the facilities are top notch for the animals, the zoo keepers are really knowledgeable, and because for an extra $20 you can pet the cheetahs and lions!

Ostrich egg over a light to see if their is a chick inside.

Sophie the dwarf ostrich


Ostrich rides...Nae was going to do it until she saw the ostrich fall on top of one of the riders

Weaver bird nest

Weaver bird

One of Nae's friends commented on the photo that this thing was super creepy, when Nae told her it was a stork, she said "You mean to tell me that ugly thing is what delivers the babies?!"

Nae doesn't think these are native to South Africa. I know they are to Australia because it's what we get by the dozen in our backyard when we put sunflower seeds out.

Cool picnic sign. I love baobab trees!

Golden Orb Spider

Nae's group took some kids to a wildlife park. Here is her commentary on this picture, it kills me: "The children with the tiger that kept trying to rip through the cage and grab them...special moments"

A lion cub that is being raised by dogs.

Nae's commentary: "The cutest skunk ever. Her name is Flower and she bites."

They found a tortoise literally trying to cross the road so they got out and moved it in to the bush.

A local bar with swings for seats, but Nae says the height they have the swings at makes it pretty dangerous as you could crack your head on the counter.

The countryside. Mom says it reminds her of the California desert.

Nice set rolling in.

Surfers right in the shark zone. Nae's research boat sits just outside the swill line tracking sharks here. There are 50 resident sharks in the bay and the older, bigger sharks are moving in this month to feed on the seals....this guy is a dedicated surfer!


  1. Hi!!!!! I'm here from FF! I'm excited to check your blog out! Looks like life is pretty exciting in yoru world!!!
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  2. I can't imagine having those gorgeous birds by the dozen in my yard! All of these photos are incredible.

  3. Thanks for stopping by!
    Debbie-I know, the rainbow lorikeets are gorgeous. Certainly nothing like them where I grew up in Southern California so I still get excited every time they land in the yard :)

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  7. Looks like a neat place to visit. But Im not a fan of sharks. JAWS damaged me for life.


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