Friday, April 2, 2010

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Nae Nae made it safe and sound to Mossel Bay finally. We got up at 4:30 Tuesday morning, after no one really sleeping from excitement or nerves the night before, and took her to SFO. After that, we tracked her flight to Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. and then we did a lot of waiting to hear from her. She finally messaged me at about 1pm on Wednesday from her hotel room in Capetown. She said her flights went well and that she was able to sleep a lot. She even made a stop that she didn't realize she was going to make in the country of Senegal. After a few hours of sleep in her hotel, she was picked up at 4:30 am and taken back to the airport in Capetown where she was supposed to have a quick 45 minute flight out to where she was going to be doing her internship. For whatever reason her flight was cancelled or delayed and she spent about 10 hours waiting in the airport. Luckily, since she had booked that part of her flight only last week (she had thought the internship people picked her up in Capetown) she had to buy a business class ticket (which was only $300 roundtrip) so she at least got to do her waiting in the South African Airways Business Class Lounge. She finally made it to Mossel Bay yesterday (Thursday) afternoon and has been out to see the little town a bit. Today, she was off for a day and night trip to Seal Island to do some research on the seal population there. Her only gripe so far is that there only seems to be instant coffee in the house (just like Australia!), but she says if she gets desperate there is at least a coffee shop nearby. She posted a photo of the view from her house and it looks pretty nice. Hopefully she'll send us more updates and pictures soon so that I can share them with you!
After we had returned from the airport, we passed back out at the condo for a few hours then we went out to grab some lunch at a place just around the corner. The food was super good and they had tons of different beers to try. The prices were pretty reasonable, too. I had wanted to take Boyfriend there when we first visited the condo, but we ran out of time so it will definitely be on the "To Do" list for next Christmas when he is back. Anyway, it's called the 21st Amendment and I highly recommend it if you are near the stadium and looking for a place to grab food or a few beers.

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