Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teach Your Children Well

...and then trust that you've done a good job so when they are in their 20s you don't second guess every big decision they try and make.

Big , big, big stuff is going down right now and I wish that I could say it was all happy big stuff, but it's not. Boyfriend is going back to Australia tomorrow night and the reality is I might not be following him out on Monday like I thought I was. After an amazing two months together in California I don't think this is how either of us saw the last few days playing out. We are happy and in love, but we've got some naysayers trying to put a damper on the love and happiness. I'm willing to prove the naysayers wrong; I'm just waiting for Boyfriend to figure out whether or not he is. When he lets me know, I'll let you know.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. My stomach is in knots.

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