Sunday, February 28, 2010

It hurts, It hurts, It hurts, It hurts

An anonymous commenter was asking me in their comment this morning if my secret is that I am knocked up, at least I think that's what they were asking. I'm not, but in an ironic twist, I did spend my morning with my head in the toilet! If you've ever suffered from a migraine then you know how debilitating they can be. My head was hurting so bad that it made me nauseous and all I could do was walk between laying on my bed and sitting/laying in front of the toilet. Lucky me, what a fun way to spend my last day of being 25! I could understand spending my last day as a 25 year old this way if it was self-inflicted because I decided to have a big night drinking to celebrate my upcoming birthday, but I didn't, and I think it is because I get migraines and have to suffer through the throwing up and the pounding head that I don't drink to excess anymore because why would I want to feel this way any more often than I have to? I'm on the mend now, but I still have a bit of a lingering headache.

I had planned on revealing the secret today, but I didn't get the posting done this morning so instead we can celebrate my birthday on here tomorrow by finding out what I've been hiding. Consider it my birthday gift to all of you!

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