Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cause Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

Boyfriend respectfully rebuffed the naysayers and once again it is him and me against the world, although we really don't want to do battle with anyone. We say hop on board our happiness train and be happy with us, get on and sit there quietly and let us enjoy ourselves if you aren't on the same page, or get left behind at the station... it's really up to you at this point.

Oh man, all this flowery language and vagueness in the last 2 pots. You're probably thinking who is this chick? What happened to Little D, this isn't how she writes at all? Well, I can assure you that it is still me and I am on a natural high right now and am choosing to focus on the positive things and trying not to let others' negativity bring me down.

Super tired after a big 2 days in San Francisco. I was also bummed to have to drop Boyfriend off at the airport tonight because it meant our time here in California had ended. It flew by! I'm so glad that things fell in to place as they did so we had this opportunity to spend 2 whole months together out here and with my family. I'm going to miss them and all of us hanging out together, but I'm excited to see all my friends back in Australia and also to see what this year has in store for us.

I'll probably get a chance to write again before I leave, but just in case I don't, wish me luck and wish Boyfriend good luck on his flight because it is sprinkling in San Francisco and he's flying back in to some pretty bad thunderstorms in Sydney- not fun!

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